The deadline for submission for the 2021 BEVA/BVDA EDT examination is approaching. As you wil have read in the examination guidelines (link: page 11 of this document reads that the examination applications must be submitted during the period of 1-31 January 2021.

If you are wishing for your application to have credential pre checks made on it, please can we ask that you send your completed application in a timely manner, so that if errors are found on the file, there may be time to correct these before the final submission date of 31 January 2021. We suggest that you send in your file in the first two weeks of the submission period to ensure that the BAEDT office has time to complete the credential pre checks AND then that you may have time to correct any errors found. 
Files submitted later than the first two weeks will still have credential pre checks made on them but you may not have enough time to correct any errors found before the final submission date of 31 January 2021. 

GUIDELINES FOR THE BEVA/BVDA accreditation exam in equine dentistry for the 2021 exam

The BEVA/BVDA examination consists of three parts: Assessment of credentials; a theoretical element, (“spot” examination and cadaver skull charting); and a practical (clinical) examination. This exam is very rigorous with both the written and practical examination being overseen by external examiners. Whilst we encourage all practicing EDT's to pass this exam, we do have to highlight the fact that EDT's should only look to sit the exam once extensive training and experience has been achieved. If you need help in deciding whether you are ready to sit the exam, you should look at the advice from one of our full members or attend one of our practical workshops. 

To download the application form and up to date guidelines for the BEVA/BVDA exam please visit https:

Visit: The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA)

Visit: The British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA)


Below is a chronological order of courses and important dates, which will aid potential candidates prepare themselves for the next BEVA/BVDA exam in 2021:

August 2021: Joint BEVA/BVDA Advanced Theoretical Equine Dental Technicians Course. 

To be held at Jurys Inn Hotel, Brimingham. To book a place contact BEVA direct: Debbie Wylie 01638 723555 or visit the website:

1-31 January 2021: Submission period for the 2021 exam,
credential Pre-Check - Applications reviewed by BAEDT for basic administrative compliance with final deadline for all applications and amendments of 31 January 2021.