All BAEDT members work to provide equine dental services to a high professional standard, however, if something goes
wrong, all complaints are investigated under our complaint’s procedure.

The BAEDT recognise that individual cases must be decided on their own merits and facts, hence the requirement to
complete the complaints form with as much detail as possible.

The BAEDT jurisdiction is limited to complaints which, if proved, allow the BAEDT to impose penalties with regards to the
member’s BAEDT membership, this may be asking the member to complete further training, issuing warnings or in the most
severe cases expulsion from the Association.

It must be made clear that the BAEDT does not have any jurisdiction to prevent a member from practising equine dentistry
in the United Kingdom.

Complaints that are, in effect, allegations of negligence and severe animal welfare are a matter for the legal courts for
which you would need to make against the Equine Dental Technician directly.

A complaint about an incident involving poor standards of workmanship that is more than six weeks old will generally be
considered out of time and will not be investigated.

You are required to complete all sections of this complaint form before the BAEDT will accept your complaint to be dealt

If you would like to make a complaint, please complete the form below and return it to us either via email: or by post to: BAEDT, West Lodge, Low Common, Bunwell, Norfolk, NR16 1TG

BAEDT Complaints form Word format click here
AEDT Complaints form PDF format click here