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Equine Dental Training

To date, there have been several routes available to become an Equine Dental Technician, including private apprenticeships, overseas training and formal education programmes in the UK. Currently, the formal UK programme previously offered by Hartpury College is coming to a close and we are working tirelessly to re-establish a degree course at Plumpton for a September 2014 start. There is still the option to train as an apprentice with a BEVA/BVDA qualified EDT or veterinary surgeon. This would be the training route the BAEDT would most recommend. This training has to be arranged between yourself and the qualified individual and is usually over a two or three-year period with a view to sitting the BEVA/BVDA examination at the end of that time.

Whilst people are training we have now created a student membership in order to support students through their training period. The benefits and requirements are set below. EDT’s that are within the student programme have shown a clear intention of working towards the very high standard of the BEVA/BVDA exam and should be supported by all parties in this process. These people should be given credit and thought of as having a higher standard than those not choosing to try and gain a recognised qualification.

For a list of current student members see below

Persons wishing to become Members must on joining, present to the Secretary a copy of their certificate of insurance covering third party risks and professional indemnity. It is compulsory for all Members to hold professional indemnity and third party liability insurance at all times when practicing as an Equine Dental Technician.

For more information on becoming a student member please contact
Tanya Betts, BAEDT secretary: admin@baedt.com

current student members

Mentor name in italics



If you have a general enquiry or question please email  BAEDT Secretary Tanya:
admin@baedt.com or call 07876 520662

Postal address:
BAEDT, West Lodge, Low Common, Bunwell, Norfolk, NR16 1TG.

Members of BAEDT Council can be contacted directly on email as follows:

Chairman James Arkley

Finance Adrian Thorne

CPD Curtis Thompson

Student Liaisons Bee May and James Evans

Complaints Martin Walls

PR and Marketing Tom Grantham

Alternatively complete the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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